High Paying Jobs In Canada With No Degree

It can be difficult for foreigners to find high paying jobs in Canada without a degree. The cost of living for international students is on average $12,000 CAD per year, so it may be beneficial to work and study in Canada to help cover some expenses and gain professional experience abroad.

Fortunately, there are many job opportunities available for international students who want to work while studying. In this blog, we will provide you with a list of our top 10 part-time job recommendations for students in Canada.

Are you an international student looking for a job in Canada? There are plenty of opportunities available, including on-campus jobs such as working at the athletic center, library, or with organizations you care about. Not only is this convenient, but it also allows you to get more involved in the student community and network with other students and professors.

The pay for these jobs varies depending on where you work on campus, but you will make at least the minimum wage. The minimum wage ranges from $11.45 and $16 CAD per hour across the country.

Other job options include working as a barista at a coffee shop like Tim Hortons, where you can improve your English skills while serving customers. Snow removal and landscaping are also great options if you don’t mind the cold and can earn you up to $20 CAD per hour on average.

Sales assistants, servers, tour guides, and dog walkers are other jobs you can consider. Being a teaching assistant is a popular job for university students, and you can make up to $25.15 CAD per hour on average. Residence advisors make around $7500-$9000 CAD per 2 semesters and can get a rent subsidy. Finally, the Student Employment Program by Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) offers you the chance to work on research and development projects in STEM for four months, with earnings of $563-$1274 CAD per week (when working full time).